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Steelville MO Trail of Tears Remembrance Committee
Donate to Steelville Trail of Tears Memorial with VENMO
Donate to Steelville Trail of Tears Memorial with VENMO

Steelville's Connection to the Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Indian Nation’s forced relocation in 1838 via the “Trail of Tears” is a acknowledged tragedy in U.S. history. The Trail of Tears, which began in Tennessee and ended in Oklahoma, was a terrible and sorrowful journey. During this relocation process, thirty-six detachments of Cherokee Indians were forced to take the trail, and 10 of those detachments passed through Steelville, Missouri where they camped on the H. E. Davis farm on the banks of  Whittenburg Creek.

The "Northern Route " of the Trail of Tears passed through Steelville Mo.

Trail of Tears Remembrance Committee

The bronze statue proposal entitled “The Trail” by Daniel HorseChief, portrays a falcon rising from a tear and flame like an ascending phoenix.

The Steelville Area Historical Society’s (501c3) Trail of Tears Remembrance Committee is a diverse group of people (citizens of our area, and others) who share a desire to honor the Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), their enslaved people and all others who were forced to walk the Northern Route of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. It is our hope to help people learn about, and better understand the 1837 – 1839 period in history, (the good, the bad, and the ugly) …it is the local connection to American history. We seek to fund a monument showing respect to the men, women, and children who died and were buried along the trail through Crawford County, at the same time recognizing the strength and resiliency of those who made it to Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

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2nd Annual, Remember the Removal Walk, Ride, and Bike along the original Trail of Tears northern route east of Steelville.

$35 – $40

You Can Help

We are currently raising money for a bronze memorial to be installed in the Steelville City Park.  The memorial will commemorate those that passed through Steelville on the trail. 

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What is the Trail of Tears

In a few words it was ethnic cleansing.

Northern Route

There was not one route. Steelville is on the Northern Route

B. B. Cannon’s Purchases

B. B. Cannon’s Detachment Purchases while passing through Crawford County

B. B. Cannon’s Journal

B. B. Cannon’s Detachment Journal while passing through Crawford County in 1837-38